Monday, September 10, 2012

ASOS + Rayban

“Calling all bloggers! Waiting for payday? Or maybe a worthy vacation and you’re still stuck with those gas station generics? Well send us a pic of you in your shameful shades and enter to win a brand-spankin-new pair of Ray Bans. If you are just too cool, grab a friend’s unfortunate choice - after all you have to hang out with them right?”

I deserve a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses because…look at this, I have a pair of FAKE Ray Ban sunglasses What is that?. They cost me 2 dolars. Shame on me. Scandalous!

Asos invited me to this contest, and looking at this picture and at this pair of sunnies, it came just in the right time.
 Thanks ASOS, I'm crossing my fingers...and legs...and arms, and my friends fingers...and legs...and arms.

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